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Bacon Feta Omelette

Updated: Apr 28


345 Calories

37g Protein

4g Carbohydrates

20g Fat


-1 large egg

-160g liquid egg whites

-2 slices center cut bacon

-25g spinach

-40g feta cheese

-salt and pepper to taste


1. Pan fry bacon and set aside on paper towel as you dispose of the remaining grease in the pan. If you want to eat this omelette all week I recommend you cook all of the slices up front to save you time.

2. Lightly spray a frying pan and set stovetop to a medium-low heat. Add in all of the ingredients beginning with the eggs. Cover and let it cook until eggs are no longer runny.

3. Optional add-ons:

-egg whites for more protein

-whole egg for more protein and fat

-guac for more fat

-hot sauce for more flavor

-fruit or toast on the side for more carbs

If you're a client the recipe is added into our nutrition tracker!

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