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Fried Rice - Create Your Own

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Macronutrients (Per Serving):

383 Calories

9g Protein

68g Carbohydrates

7g Fat

Step 1: Make Fried Rice

Ingredients (Makes 5 Servings):

2 Cups Rice (360 grams uncooked) - I use Basmati.

2 Large Egg

1 Cup Chopped Yellow Onion

12oz Bag Frozen Mixed Peas & Carrots

1 tbsp Minced Garlic

4tbsp Soy Sauce (feel free to add more or less)

1tbsp Butter

1tbsp Sesame Oil

Green Onion (if desired)

Salt & Pepper to taste


1. Cook rice so it's very slightly undercooked and chill it in the fridge.

2. Lightly spray pan, scramble your eggs, chop into smaller pieces, and set aside.

3. Saute the frozen peas & carrots, onion, and garlic in the sesame oil until veggies are at your preferred texture.

4. Move the veggies to one side of the pan, melt the butter in the open spot of the pan, add the rice and soy sauce. Then begin mixing to combine with veggies, stirring every 15-20 second or so for 3 minutes.

5. Remove from heat, add in the scrambled eggs and optional green onions, then season with salt and pepper to taste.

6. Add your protein choice from below!

Step 2: Choose your protein (Not calculated into the macros above):

Adjust amounts based on your needs.

Chicken Breast (per 8oz raw: 256cals, 47.5p, 5.6f, 0c)

Chicken Thigh (per 8oz raw: 260cals, 36p, 14p, 0c)

Top Sirloin Steak (per 8oz raw: 456cals, 48p, 29f, 0c)

Shrimp (per 8oz raw: 240cals, 46p, 4f, 2c)

I recommend grilling your protein source for the extra flavor, but do what you can! Marinating these protein sources in the G Hughes sugar free Teriyaki marinade is also a game changer! I'll cook my protein source then toss it in a few tablespoons of it. Then add it to the fried rice for a taste bud explosion!

Tip: For meal prep, track the whole batch of fried rice plus your desired amount of protein source into MyFitnessPal beforehand. Then divide the calories/macros by however many meals you plan on having. Adjust portions accordingly.

To increase/reduce carbs per meal - adjust the rice amount.

To increase/reduce protein per meal - adjust the protein source.

To increase/reduce fat per meal - adjust the oil and butter, or change protein source to a fattier or leaner source.


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