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The Fit Party is a community of like-minded individuals. We are all shaping the body of our dreams without sacrificing our social life or favorite food & drinks.  

We have members from all walks of life on the Fit Party team. We have beginners who are focused on learning nutrition and mastering form with lighter weights. We also have some experienced individuals who have been tracking macronutrients and training for years, but want to be challenged and pushed to their next level. The majority of members are between the two. This is for people who want to learn, grow, and feel inspired every single day without feeling restricted. We make sure the process is fun and enjoyable so it can be a sustainable lifestyle.


As a Fit Party member, it’s important you join our Facebook group. This is where members post meal preps, ask questions, and support each other. I go live on a weekly occurrence within the group about nutrition, training, mindset, and lifestyle topics that relate to the current time of the year.


Every day, I feel incredibly proud of this squad and I enjoy watching them make huge progress over time while developing the Never Off Track mindset. I love seeing them support and encourage each other. It’s truly an honor to work with these badasses that have a life outside of fitness! Are you the next badass?

Join any of my programs and you become part of the team!


Over the years, I’ve developed training programs and methods that produce huge results.  A great health & fitness program is not just about exercise selection & rep ranges. Here’s what I value most when it comes to building the most realistic health & fitness program for my members:


Being off track is a mindset. It's basically telling yourself that there is nothing you can do to maintain/make progress under non-optimal fitness scenarios. Get rid of that all or nothing mindset and if you can only be 50% on track during a day, it's a hell of a lot better than 0%. You won't always be fully on track if you have any life at all outside of fitness.


Self development can only be accomplished through the ADDITION of abilities, skills, and habits.

You like beer? Great, keep drinking it.

You like to have high calories days? Great, there's an approach for that.

What can you implement or improve in your life to enhance your health & fitness?

Maybe it's eating fruits and veggies with 80% of meals instead of only 20%.

Maybe it's going to the grocery store one extra time per week.

Maybe it's as simple as getting in more steps during the day.

Maybe it's working out 4 days per week instead of 3.


There's no reason to start a health & fitness approach that you can't see yourself doing for the next 10+ years. Fast progress is nice, but how are you going to maintain that progress? 95% of people who lose weight in their lifetime gain it all back with a big portion of them regaining even more weight than they had before the weight loss. We are all about steady progress while maintaining the fun, busy life you currently live outside of fitness.

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