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August 8th - September 2nd

2. COMPLETE INTERVIEW: You have officially claimed your spot in the challenge!
3. BEGIN: You'll gain access to the exclusive Harrison Zacher Fitness app right away. You'll be informed on how to prepare for kick-off on Monday.
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2012-2019 Transformation

Harrison Zacher

Fitness Coach | Nutrition Coach | Busch Light Drinker

Only $49

One time payment.




 Individuals that want to take better control of their health & nutrition
 Individuals who struggle with starting and stopping, also known as yo-yo dieting
 Those who want to enjoy all of their favorite foods & drinks without feeling restricted.


 Workouts based on your available equipment
  Custom nutrition goals and personalized guide
 Daily challenges 
✔ Giveaways to the most consistent participants
Accountability group to post ideas and ask questions

Hundreds of others have developed their body and life using my programs. 
Are you ready to be next?
Only $49

One time payment.



For the first 7+ years of my fitness journey I went on stretches of being all in or all out with my health and fitness. Fluctuating my weight up and down with fad diets that restricted certain foods. If I wasn't perfect I was off track and didn't think I could still make progress. After struggling with this for so long, I NEEDED to find a healthier balance. 


This was the first time I truly committed to myself and after finding a perfect balance of health, life, and fitness I finally gained the confidence and control of my health & fitness for the long term. After I experienced this I decided to go ALL IN on my passion of helping others find their perfect balance while transforming their body and mindset without eliminating their favorite beverages and foods. 


I live with one simple mission - to help others find the best version of themselves while enjoying all aspects of life. 


Live long, live fun

Your Health Coach

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For your training and nutrition guide. You’ll be able to track your workouts and progress. NOTE: I’ll send you a link once you sign up (It’s privately listed). Available on iTunes and Google Play Stores (iPhone & Android).​​

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Track Progress & Directly Message Me
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Your Dashboard & Training Program
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Example Workout & Exercise Demonstration
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Intro Video Library:

Why Diets Are Failing

What are Macronutrients

Why Track Macronutrients

Meal Prep Strategies


Monday, August 8th: Setting your starting calorie & macronutrient goals


Wednesday, August 10th: The mindset you need


Friday, August 12th: Tracking progress & making adjustments


Monday, August 15th: MyFitnessPal


Wednesday, August 17th: Flexible dieting and why it’s the best approach


Friday, August 19th: How you can have high calorie days


Monday, August 22nd: Going out to eat


Wednesday, August 24th: Cooking for a household or group


Friday, August 26th: Alcohol


Monday, August 29th: Habits to live by for at least maintaining progress


Wednesday, August 31st: Days you shouldn’t track food and how


Friday, September 2nd: How to move forward for LONG TERM success

  • Does Fit Party include both training and nutrition?
    Yes. You receive a (1) full training program and (2) nutrition approach based on your preferences. If you only need one of the two, you can choose to not use the training plan if you are only seeking nutrition coaching, and vice versa.
  • Does Fit Party include weekly one-on-one check-ins?
    No, however if you desire a highly customized training & nutrition approach with me personally holding you accountable through 1:1 check ins and meeting up or having a phone call on a weekly basis to review your progress, you can apply here for 1:1 online coaching. It does require a higher investment into yourself, but I highly encourage starting with this for 12 weeks if you want to develop a really strong foundation and need a boost. This also allows you to be a part of the Fit Party community!
  • How is my nutrition program chosen for me?
    Your nutrition program includes one of the following: (1) A flexible meal plan with a recipe swap feature (2) General daily nutrition habits (3) Calorie and macronutrient (protein, carb, fat) goals if you want to plan your own meals and track your nutrition. You'll be able to choose one of these in the start up questionnaire after you sign up and I will set it up for you in the app!
  • What if I have an injury? Can I still join this program?
    Yes! The Fit Party community will still be highly beneficial to you even though you can't workout as hard as you'd like. Your training approach will depend on preferences and the specific injury, but if you've been cleared by a professional to partake in physical activity, I will work with you so you can make progress while avoiding further injury.
  • Will I have access to Harrison during the program?
    Yes. As the creator of the Fit Party, I'll be available on a weekly basis in the Private Facebook Community to communicate and answer all of your questions during the Q&A live video. I'll also be available to talk at the meet ups! I really wish I could spend hours communicating with all of you every week, but the 1:1 clients will always get first opportunity.
  • I'm a beginner and questioning whether I'm ready for this. I'm worried this will be too hard and I may be out of my league. I'm a bit intimidated, is this program for me?
    Do not worry! Even if you've never been to the gym and don't understand what a calorie is, I will be able to start with the basics and meet you where YOU are and educate you. There will be members in this program who have a lot of experience and there will also be beginners just like you. Remember that we're all in this to have fun as we make incredible progress!
  • What if I want to cancel?
    I doubt you'll want to cancel because you'll be having so much fun, but you have the ability to cancel at any time through the platform and will have access through the date you paid. (Ex. You signed up for the Fit Party on January 1, 2023 and cancel on March 11, 2024, you still have access through March 31, 2024 - the date through which you paid). NOTE: Cancellation does void any locked in discount or pre-sale rate if you want to join back up in the future.
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My Core Beliefs & Values

⓵ SUSTAINABILITY: I believe your fitness journey gets to be flexible, realistic, and enjoyable so you don't have to feel guilty when you have to move back a workout or when you go out for food and drinks.

FUN: I believe your mind and body transformation gets to be a fun process. There are so many different ways to attain your goal, but the easiest way to get there is finding the method most enjoyable for you.

ZERO RESTRICTION: When you restrict some of your favorite things such as beer and pizza, your approach won't last... instead we need to implement a plan to fit in the things we value.

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