My journey began in college when I was doing the typical day to day college student thing. I no longer had high school sports so I decided to take up the gym, began lifting and running 4-5 days a week with not much of an idea what I was doing. Along with college comes alcohol so I was drinking every weekend because that’s what everyone else was doing. Drinking HARD 2-3 days every week but was able to stay in decent shape because I was young. Hangovers weren’t a thing so I was feeling great and living the college dream!


After graduating college, I honestly had no idea what I was doing… No consistency in the gym, but I continued to follow the routine of drinking hard on the weekends. Hangovers started to become a real thing and I became WORTHLESS multiple days per week because of it. This put me in a dark place.


From extreme lack of confidence, lack of self worth, and depression — I simply hated who I was. Thankfully I made a change and finally started putting myself and health first.  What saved me is that I began to follow a structured training and nutrition plan. After just a few months I began to see some serious results. This is where my passion for fitness really grew. I am now stronger, leaner, plus look and feel better than I ever have.


These struggles shaped me. I found this amazing balance of life, health, and fitness.


I now see many individuals in their 20s experiencing the exact same dilemma - working during the week and living for the weekend. Overweight, unhappy, and oblivious to how their daily habits and weekly routines are sabotaging their health and happiness.


Today, I’m the creator of the Fit Party, which is a fitness community that helps others find this balance of health, life, and fitness.  It’s built to be a fun, valuable experience for members including access to a training plan, accountability Facebook group, and guidance to help them find their balance.


To see if you'd be a great fit to work with me, please reach out to me directly below.