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Low Calorie Chicken Alfredo


658 Calories

53g Protein

86g Carbohydrates

15g Fat


-100g Uncooked Pasta

-6oz Raw Chicken Breast (~4.5oz cooked)

-100g Raw Broccoli

-120g Alfredo Sauce (Must be Priano brand from Aldi or the Classico brand! Most other brands are higher calorie)

-Salt and Pepper

Multiply each ingredient by however many meals you want to prep.


1. Grill chicken breast and steam/bake broccoli until somewhat softened.

2. Cook pasta to your liking.

3. Drain pasta. Mix in broccoli, chicken, and alfredo sauce.

4. Possible adjustments:

-Increase/decrease chicken to adjust protein.

-Increase/decrease pasta to adjust carbs.

-Add shredded parmesan to increase fat. Protein will also increase some.

If you're a client the recipe is added into our nutrition tracker!

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