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Grilled Chicken Parmesan Pasta


620 Calories

50g Protein

61g Carbohydrates

22g Fat


4oz grilled (~5.5oz raw) chicken breast

75g Raw Pasta

1tbsp (15g) Olive Oil

4tsp (20g) Grated Parmesan

Garlic salt


1 cup frozen broccoli (peas are also a good option, but be sure to account for the nutrition differences)


1. Season the chicken breast with garlic salt and pepper or whatever seasonings you prefer.

2. Grill the chicken breast. You can also bake it or use shredded crockpot chicken depending on what you prefer.

3. Cook the pasta based on the box instructions.

4. Microwave your frozen broccoli based on the packaging instructions. I use a steamable frozen broccoli that consists of 4 cups and eyeball about 1/4 of the bag. Sometimes I'll do half of it for 2 cups of broccoli.

5. Combine the pasta, chicken breast, and broccoli in a bowl. Top with the olive oil, grated parmesan, and additional garlic salt and pepper if desired.

If I meal prep this dish, I like to grill enough chicken breast for however many meals I plan to make and cook the pasta fresh every day. Do whatever works best for your lifestyle and preferences!

To increase/decrease protein, adjust the amount of chicken breast.

To increase/decrease carbs, adjust the amount of pasta.

To increase/decrease fat, adjust the amount of olive oil.

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