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The fitness community for balancing fun, life, and fitness!


My name is Harrison Zacher and over the past 5 years I've been helping women and men get into the best shape of their life without having to sacrifice any of their favorite foods and drinks while living a balanced lifestyle. (transformations & reviews)


My fitness journey began over a decade ago, making and losing progress by constantly starting and stopping fad diets and “perfect” training plans. After several years of struggling to find the right information while having an all or nothing mindset with my health and fitness, I dove deeper into studying what works and what doesn’t. 


I then spent 3 years developing my perfect balance of health, life, and fitness. Through this development I realized that the majority of the population struggles with exactly what I used to. I felt my calling and decided to go ALL IN on my passion of helping others find their perfect balance to transform their health, body, and mindset to help them succeed long term.

I've been strictly an online coach since moving to the area in late 2018, but I'm now looking forward to getting more involved in the Detroit Lakes community so I decided that it would be exciting to create a hybrid program that combines online fitness coaching along with in-person workouts, workshops, and meet ups!


I live with one simple mission - to help others find the best version of themselves while enjoying all aspects of life. 


The Fit Party is a community of busy like-minded individuals who have the goal of feeling good and looking good without stressing out during "less healthy" social occasions or sacrificing favorite foods & drinks! 


I've noticed that the thing most normal people lack when it comes to prioritizing their health & fitness is social support. It becomes difficult to prioritize health & fitness when the majority of people we surround ourselves with most aren’t making it a priority either.  


The Fit Party is the social support you need that will keep you inspired and motivated to prioritize your health & fitness without needing to be a hardcore gym-goer. Enjoy your life to the fullest, crush your workouts, develop better nutritional habits, and watch your health & fitness thrive through the accountability from everyone else! 


The Fit Party is perfect for people of all ages from all walks of life. From beginners who are focused on developing better nutritional habits and mastering form with lighter weights. To experienced individuals who have been consistent with nutrition and training for years. This is for you if you want to learn, grow, and feel inspired every single day without feeling like you need to live for the gym. I'll make sure the process is fun, realistic, and enjoyable so it can be a sustainable lifestyle.

Fit Party Core Beliefs & Values

A great health & fitness program is not just about working out and nutrition. Here’s what I value most when it comes to building the most realistic health & fitness program for my members:

⓵ SUSTAINABLE: I believe your fitness journey gets to be flexible, realistic, and enjoyable so you don't have to feel guilty when you have to move back a workout or when you go out for food and drinks.

FUN: I believe your mind and body transformation gets to be a fun process. There are so many different ways to attain your goal, but the easiest way to get there is finding the method most enjoyable for you.

ZERO RESTRICTION: When you completely restrict some of your favorite things such as beer and pizza, your plan won't last... instead we need to implement a plan to fit in the things we live for.

This is for you if:

✅ You have a life outside of fitness.

✅ You want to look & feel amazing.

✅ You want to find a healthy balance for YOUR lifestyle.

✅ You want to make long term sustainable progress.

You want to be part of a fit and fun community!

This is not for you if:

​❌ You DON'T have a life outside of fitness.

❌ You're a hardcore bodybuilder or powerlifter.

❌ You want a quick fix that won't be sustainable.

❌ You think you have to restrict certain things to see progress.

❌ You're a closed-minded individual.

Recurring monthly billing. Cancel anytime.




Based on the start up questionnaire, you will receive the perfect training plan based on your equipment, preferences, and goals. Everything will be accessed through the app. (see below)


Whether you want to track nutrition, be told exactly what to eat, or simply eat based on general guidelines I'll set you up with the perfect nutrition approach for your body and goals! 


Exclusive membership to the Facebook group where you can ask questions, network with, and get support from your peers. All of us in the group love to go out for food & drinks often!

There's nothing set in stone yet, but I'll put up polls in the Facebook group to determine get togethers, group workouts, nutrition courses, a summer running club, etc. 



Every month there will be a drawing for prizes that’ll consist of a combination of healthy and fun prizes to support local businesses. 


  • 12 workouts completed - 1 entry into the drawing

  • 16 workouts completed - 2 entries into the drawing

  • 20 workouts completed - 3 entries into the drawing

  • 24 workouts completed - 4 entries into the drawing


  • 100 workouts - Fit Party apparel package

  • 250 workouts - $50 BPN Supplements gift card

  • 500 workouts - Exclusive 500 workout shirt 

  • 1000 workouts - Exclusive 1000 workout shirt and customized trophy/plaque.

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      THE APP

This is where you’ll be able to track your workouts, nutrition, and progress. NOTE: I’ll send you a link once you sign up (It’s privately listed). 

app screenshots 1.png
Track Progress & Directly Message Me
app screenshots 2.png
Your Dashboard & Training Program
app screenshots 3.png
Example Workout & Exercise Demonstration
Option to Track Nutrition & Follow Recipes
2. COMPLETE QUESTIONNAIRE: Tell me about you, your goals, and other important information. (Ex. How you'd like to train and eat.)
3. BEGIN NOW: You'll gain access to the app right away. Please allow me one business day to get you set up with your program.

If you'd like to work closer with me, fill out this application to set up a free consultation for 1:1 online coaching that will include a highly customized approach with me personally holding you accountable. We will meet up or have a phone call on a weekly basis to review your progress and make adjustments if needed.
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Coach Harrison Zacher

Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coach | Beer Drinker

ONLY $49/Month

Recurring monthly billing. Cancel anytime.

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