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2020 Virtual Beer Run

5k and 10k for the farmers!

October 12 - October 18, 2020

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This annual beer run is an opportunity to run a race and have an epic adventure on the date of your choosing between October 12 and October 18 in any location and take as long as you want -- but you must complete it within the October 12 - October 18 dates. You can upload your time via ultrasignup! This is a great way to stay motivated and have an adventure during the coronavirus pandemic, even if it's loops around your living room, neighborhood or on a treadmill. Please follow all local, state and social distancing guidelines to be safe and prevent the spread of the virus.


Farm Rescue is our charity of choice! 10% of your registration fee will go directly to Farm Rescue.


What do I get with my entry fee?

Both distances are $39 (10% off for 1:1 coaching & Fit Party clients). All participants get a t-shirt, Busch Light koozie, opportunity to win prizes, results on ultrasignup if desired (must submit time/verification, see below), and a donation to Farm Rescue. The $39 fee also goes toward creating the challenge/website work/logo fees/shirts/verification of times and results for the event.


Busch Light swag boxes will be awarded to the 1st place male and female finishers for both the 5k and 10k!  

Two more swag boxes will be awarded to the most fun/creative social media posts with your post run beer! You must tag @harrisonzfit on Instagram and/or Harrison Zacher Fitness on Facebook plus include the hashtags #2020BeerRun and #ForTheFarmers.

These Busch Light swag boxes typically include a t-shirt, beer plus a few other items such as a bandana, sticker, koozie, etc. It will be a surprise!


What is a Virtual Run?

It is a race you do on your own but in conjunction with other runners all over the country! It's the perfect way to safely race during the coronavirus pandemic. Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to push ourselves and this beer run is here to help you! Run virtually with people from all over the country between October 12 - October 18!


​How Does it Work? 

1. Register on ultrasignup by October 2nd and choose a distance: 5k or 10k. Shirts and koozies will be sent out 10 days prior to the event.

2. Pick a date and decide where you will be safely running / walking: You don't need to choose a date to run before you register. You will just need to run between October 12 and October 18. You can run indoors, outdoors, on road, trail, it's up to you! Please follow all CDC and local COVID19 guidelines). Dates must be within October 12, 2020 - October 18, 2020 and for an official time you need to submit your time by the end of the day on October 18. To submit a time scroll down to "HOW TO SUBMIT A TIME"

3. Run or walk your virtual "race", drink your beer or beverage of choice, and if desired you can record the time.

4. (Optional) Submit your time and provide verification: You will submit your final time, distance and verification for your run via ultrasignup.

Verification requires a public link to your Strava (download the app) results or other run record site like Garmin, Coros, Suunto, etc.


HOW TO SUBMIT A TIME / VERIFICATION for official results

It's really easy! See #4 above for what to use for verification.

You have 2 options for how to submit your verification.

OPTION #1 for uploading your time: If you registered as a guest this is the only option that will work for uploading your time. Please make sure you match your name with the name you registered with.

​1. Go to the registration page and use the "Record Results" orange button next to the green "register" button. That will allow you to record your results easily and quickly. ​

OPTION #2 for uploading your time (only works if you logged into your account / didn't register as a guest)

  • When you're ready to submit your verification please go to ultrasignup and login to your ultrasignup account.

  • On the upper right corner you will see your name and "account info" when you hoover the mouse over your name a drop down menu shows

  • Click on "Registration History"

  • You'll see a list of your registration history, find "2020 Virtual Beer Run" and in green next to the name of the race is "Record Results"

  • ​Click on "Record Results" and submit your time and verification!


  • HAVE FUN. 

  • Runs must be completed between (and including) October 12 and October 18, 2020 to be official. You must submit your results via methods described above within this time period as well.

  • You must time yourself from start to finish: most participants will complete their distance in one go, but if you take a break of a few minutes, hours or days the clock keeps going! This doesn't mean you need to keep a clock going but make sure to record the day/time you started and finished so you can calculate the overall time.

  • You may complete your distance in any time - no cutoffs, as long as it falls in the October 12 - October 18, 2020 dates.

  • Winners of the prizes will be announced Monday, October 19.

  • Please follow all local, state and CDC guidelines in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. Please use social distancing (6 feet apart from others not in your household) and masks (closer than 6ft to people). Please respect closed parks/outdoor recreation areas and do not trespass.


Farm Rescue Charity

Farm Rescue's mission is to help farmers and ranchers who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster by providing the necessary equipment and manpower to plant, hay or harvest their crop. Livestock feeding assistance is also available to ranchers. Farm Rescue currently helps farm and ranch families in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.


Questions? Please feel free to email me at harrison@harrisonzfit.com